Buying Authentic Swords Online Guide

Looking at all the numerous swords up for sale online can make you really feel a bit like a youngster in a candy store. But if you are looking to buy authentic reproduction swords online, it can be a little bit harder to obtain what you actually desire than or else may first show up …

Sure, if you are simply searching for a decorative sword to hold on the wall surface – it’s pretty easy. Just browse for a sword that takes your fancy, do not spend much more than US$ 50 and your chances of getting what you want are great …

But if you resemble me when I initially started my sword collection, you might not know that there is a globe of difference between a decorative sword that you hold on the wall surface and also a REAL sword that you can really turn through the air or cut points with!

The truth is that the substantial majority of swords offer for sale online are what experienced sword collection agencies call “sword-like items”. Also just turning one of these words with the air is throwing down the gauntlet, as well as may the gods help you if you attempt to reduce something as straightforward as a cardboard box! More often than not, the swords managed will certainly break, the blade will shatter, or even worse still, come flying off like some berserk helicopter blade at a speed of simply over 40mph (trust me, the voice of experience below!).

The truth of the matter is that if you are looking for a REAL sword, you need to begin your search trying to find what online sword sellers describe as a “battle-ready” or “practical sword.”

However, however, not all sword vendors are scrupulously truthful in their summary of a fight-all-set sword … And also frequently, this summary is applied to swords that are anything however “practical”.

For more information on how to select your first real sword, as well as reviews, test cutting results, and everything else you need to know about buying swords online, check out the updated blog post for info.

Basically, there are 3 primary features that all REAL swords share. And those qualities are:

  • They are constructed from high carbon steel, NOT stainless steel.
  • The swords have been properly warming treated to guarantee they are not as well brittle as well as not also soft.
  • The sword has what is called a “full tang”. To put it simply, the metal insert that enters into the sword deal with is forged as part of the sword, as well as not welded on after that.

Certainly, not all “useful” swords being sold online precisely define if they have these characteristics. Luckily though, there is a fairly simple means to establish if a sword is REAL or otherwise. And that is by only getting swords made by a well-known and also respected sword manufacturer.
In my opinion, the very best “bang for your buck” swords are all generated by 3 companies – Windlass Steelcrafts, Generation 2, and Paul Chen’s Hanwei Forge. Every one of these producers makes great quality REAL swords at prices around the US$ 150 to $200 mark.

While you could assume that this is a lot to spend for a sword, particularly when compared to the cheap swords being sold online for $30 or $40 – the reality is that you are not comparing apples with apples. And think of me, for this price variety you can obtain some really mean, solid swords that you would be proud to show off to your good friends.