How is Roof Flashing Repaired?

A major reason for roof damage is because of a failing of the blinking system. This write-up with review how blinking can be fixed to shield your roofing.

What is blinking?

Flashing is an essential part of building construction made use of to protect the inside from the extremes of weather and also especially water leak. Recalling roof coverings is a smaller comprehensive part of building utilized to safeguard joint areas developed by mounted frameworks such as smokeshafts, dormers, skylights, and so on. Product is put at the places where the frameworks intersect to deflect water away. Flashing is made to work with gravity forcibly the course of the thin down and away from the at risk joint.

When blinking stops working

Lots of points may add to the failing of a blinking system. Damages to the roof from a fallen tree or other debris, thermal distress, or inadequate handiwork can all trigger issues. Most often, the extremes of weather conditions overtime can cause break down of the flashing materials in either the blinking itself, or the bolts. The result is leak. Leakage is the leading factor to roof covering damage and a major problem for the health and wellness and durability of any kind of roof covering unit.


The hope is the fixings can be isolated to a little area, however in some cases entire parts of the roofing must be pulled up in order to efficiently repair the blinking. Usually this is determined by the extent of the damage, however additionally whether the blinking was mounted exposed or hidden. When the blinking is concealed, figuring out the source of the issue can be more difficult. Also, concealed blinking will certainly be underneath other roof covering materials that will certainly need elimination initially.


For a short-term solution, patches can be placed over holes in the blinking. The spot should be three inches larger than the hole on all sides. It will certainly after that be placed over the hole as well as attached to the flashing with flashing cement, ensuring not to let the cement ooze out onto the roofing itself. Once dry, it can be painted to match the remainder of the flashing. Since this is a momentary solution, the patch needs to be checked twice a year to guarantee it hasn’t started leaking once again.


When repairing openings in copper blinking, a soldering patch must be utilized. This is described as a “warm” patch for exactly how it is attached. It is best to make the patch out of even more copper. Certainly this is true for visual appeals, but copper, as a metal, is not compatible with all other steels generally used in blinking. Coupled with the incorrect sort of steel, such as iron, copper will certainly galvanize, causing a chemical reaction breaking down the steels.

Light weight aluminum

Unlike copper, light weight aluminum can not be soldered as well as requires a “cool” patch to repair it. Sealing products created to spot steel gutters can be affective as cold spot choose aluminum.

Prevent Roof Covering Substance

When patching leaks in flashing, do not utilize roof compound (the “black goop”). This is an extremely momentary fix for the leakage which can cause long term damages to the blinking products. Within a year of weather condition exposure it will end up being dry and also brittle, losing its performance. Plus, the chain reaction from the substance with metal creates rust and speeds up deterioration.

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